A Brand New Trading App in the Crypto Market

A Thorough Look at BitQT

The trading bots of cryptocurrency are actually computer programs that help you purchase and sell different currencies when it is beneficial. These bots generally earn profit that is greater in the risk-adjusted terms (positive gains over negative gains). Another rapid trading app is the Bitcoin revolution app.

The signal generator of the bot helps in making predictions about whether to buy currency or sell. With Risk Allocation, it analyzes the amount to purchase i.e. whether to allocate some portion or the entire capital. Once you know how much to buy, it executes the process with proper algorithms.

The auto-trading platform of BitQT is gaining a significant market share as more and more cryptocurrency holders are using it for trading Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Automation of trading according to your requirement is what BitQT emphasises on and it is operational throughout the world.


Investing in BitQT can be quite daunting especially for those who are new to the crypto market. By all means, you need to have a clear idea about the BitQT system before you use it for producing something valuable and finding a plethora of solutions. Trading apps helps international bitcoin investors like Norwegians osta bitcoineja heti directing them to relative cryptocurrency exchange.

A Compact Idea about BitQT

In a layman’s words, BitQT is a trading bot technology that is used as a trading solution for Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrency traders. This robot program was developed in 2018 to trade various currencies using algorithm and the technology of artificial intelligence.

Since its formation, BitQT has grown significantly as over 80,000 active cryptocurrency users from over a hundred nations across the globe have been using it to get the most suitable trading solutions. What makes it so widely accepted is that the user can have a look at the open solutions while browsing through ones that are available.

Features and Functionality of BitQT System

There are two distinct AI forms in BitQT that help identifying the most viable solutions for cryptocurrency trading –

  • Deep Learning –Deep learning helps identifying the latest communication trends accepted by people. Here, the functionality of the trading market is analyzed.
  • Natural Language –BitQT processes the natural language to help you identify the most suitable opportunities of cryptocurrency investment. With NLP (Natural Language Processing), the users can understand how AI works with human language and how it sounds so natural.

There are several exaggerated or fake stories circulating in crypto market –BitQT utilizes the above-mentioned features to verify the stories that are authentic so that the users are aware of the full-proof information regarding the market.

  • Machine Learning –One of the vital parts of BitQT framework is machine learning and it utilizes the data obtained through Deep Learning and NLP to identify it with current crypto market trends.

With machine learning, BitQT system finds the most viable transactions and as a result, the success rate is reported to be 95%. You will also see how efficiently the BitQT system works especially when it presents you the prior market standards and results to help you understand what fits your requirements. What is better, you can analyze these features to choose the values that are beneficial for your crypto trading needs.

Easy Sign up Process, Instant Trading

Users can easily sign up for BitQT and trade cryptocurrencies instantly. All you need to do is create an account by accessing the BitQT official website followed by adding funds to the account. You do not need a fortune to start as the minimum amount required for an account is USD 250 only.

Your command is the key to the functionality of BitQT as the automated software works according to the commands you specify. The currencies that you want to trade, can be specified along with their values.

You can use any standard device to run the automated BitQT system and there is no risk of security breach. It also lets you withdraw the funds whenever you want.

BitQT Also Offers Manual Trading

You can access the manual trading services from BitQT –just review the latest trades established by the trading bot of BitQT and verify the scenario. You are also free to exit trade any time you want.

The details learnt from BitQT can help you find something valuable and you will have complete control over your demands.

Different attributes that highlight BitQT

BitQT lets you trade on an array of currencies used globally such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. At the same time, it understands the potential of the smaller currencies like Cardano and Chainlink that will perform well in the long run.

Trading with fiat currencies is also supported by BitQT as it identifies the pairs made of Bitcoin and British Pound, American Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen and other currencies.

No matter whether you are new to the crypto market or a seasoned trader, using BitQT is like a piece of cake. You do not need any experience with cryptocurrency trading to use BitQT as it offers reports about what you can expect from this system.

The assurance and lifetime guarantee make BitQT more user-friendly as all the users get assistance for the lifetime regarding how the data is forwarded, how the trades should be managed and so on.

BitQT customer service is for anyone who wants assistance and that is applicable for 24×7. The experienced team will provide answers online to the customers and also help them to plan trades according to current market scenario.

Is BitQT Worthy Enough To Use?

The framework and automated service of BitQT often gives the impression that it is a bit too good and can be a scam. In reality, the BitQT solution is way more effective than expected and that is evident from it being awarded by multiple renowned trade organizations, for example the International Trading Association. You can easily manage the trades and rest assured that everything will work out securely.

Wire transfer, debit and credit card transfers, online transfer and crypto wallets are supported by BitQT and for completing a trade it takes a few seconds only. If you leave any trading position overnight or on weekends, BitQT charges some rollover fee. It works most efficiently from 8 AM till 4 PM on weekdays i.e. general business hours according to the Eastern Time.

According to your investment, the calculator on the BitQT website will show you the tentative amount that you can earn. You can use it for 20-30 minutes on a daily basis and keep a track of the activity while planning for the next day.





  • Preliminary inception.


  • Completion of main chain development.


  • Testing of main chain and master server.


  • Launch of BitQT website and white paper.


  • Issuance of ERC20 token.


  • Listing on the exchange.


  • Launch of main chain, 1:1 conversion of ERC20 token, release of nm and blockchain browser.


  • Launch of the first hardware BitQT.


  • Issuance of the first idol token DAPP.


  • More application partnerships…


  • More application partnerships


  • Zheng Yang, Founder & Development Team Director

    Dr. Yang has participated in the research and development of multiple blockchain projects and has a deep understanding
    of the combination of the blockchain, contents distribution and big data analysis. Zheng Yang’s main research focus
    is on computer vision, machine learning, etc., about which he has an extensive knowledge. He has participated in many
    fields such as digital media contents analysis, cross-media contents retrieval, and big data video analysis. He has
    completed a number of national key scientific and technological research projects that have been highly evaluated
    and recognized by the government.

  • Liang Liang, Founder & Development Team

    Dr. Liang’s main research focus is on the field of information system integration. He has published multiple sophisticated
    papers Over the same period, he has participated in several information system projects in both national and provincial-level.
    Recently, Dr. Liang has conducted in-depth research in system evaluation and optimization, system modeling, and blockchain
    finance, while gaining a wealth of experience in blockchain and system software design based on the blockchain technology.

  • Will Son, Founder & Business Team Director

    Will is currently director of THE E & M and is pursuing various new contents related businesses. He is a contents network
    specialist as a Co-founder of Ars Praxia – formerly TREUM –, a Big Data & Social Network Analysis Company. He studied
    industrial engineering, computer engineering, and design and carried out various projects to generate synergy, and
    has collaborated with Samsung Electronics, Coca-Cola, Naver Corp, etc.

  • Jin Lim, Founder & Business Team

    Jin is currently the senior manager of THE E & M and is responsible for various content related business strategies.
    He established global communication strategies at Samsung Electronics Video Display Division and produced a variety
    of marketing communication promotional materials. He has extensive experience in the software and hardware aspects
    of global contents.

  • Hansin Kim, Co-Founder & Business Team

    Hansin is currently in charge of Business in Asia as head of The E & M. He has developed a wide range of business experiences
    through over 7 years of experience of directing business in China. He specialized insights on contents through game-related

  • Stephen Wang, Technical Director

    Stephen Wang, co-founder of TalentWalker, has developed Happy Farm, China’s first H5 game, and has accumulated over
    10 million users on platforms such as Mocospace and Gree. The social games Happy Kitchen and East Village were then
    launched on renowned platforms such as Renren, Taobao, Facebook, Nate and Mixi, and accumulated approx. 50 million
    users. He has worked as a researcher in Lenovo and MS Asia Institute in China and won the Best New Artist Award in

  • Neil Han, Advisor

    Neil Han was the co-founder of OraStream (the world’s 1st adaptive Hi-Fi audio streaming service) and the Director
    of Product Management in Snyppit, the 1st short video sharing App in Southeast Asia. He served as Senior Director
    of Engineering for Southeast Asia in Korea SK Group and was responsible for localizing the most popular food rating
    App Pickat from Korea to Southeast Asia. He is now Solutions Architect Manager, Twilio(NYSE Listed), hired as the
    1st technical manager for Twilio APAC expansion, consultant with Engineering team from Tier 1 Mobile Internet companies
    cross APAC.

  • Tim Leon, Architecture Designer

    Tim Leon is VP of Cassia Networks and has more than 10 years of experience as a specialist in the Internet of Things
    and smart hardware area. He also won multiple Best of CES in the US CES Awards. He has been involved in research and
    development of social video content at Tencent, and has also worked for Chukong Technologies and MS Asian Engineering

  • Vladimir Zhitov, Financial Consultant

    Vladirmir Zhitov is currently the general manager of Russia’s MDM Bank and has extensive experience in banking management
    and financial knowledge system. He has successfully processed risk management related to bank branch management and
    gained deep knowledge in national policies and bank characteristics while working in various regions. He has an experience
    working in Cberbank and ALEMAR Open Co., Ltd. (Kemerovo) of the Russian Federation.

  • Kononov Vasilii, Technical Consultant

    Kononov Vasilii is currently senior designer at Rock Miner and is a very talented hardware engineer responsible for
    the development and design of the mining equipment. Since 2013, he has participated in the research and development
    of the first generation 110nm and second generation 40nm mining machines of early Bitcoin industry, and has rich experience
    and deep knowledge about cryptography.

  • Sebastian Bitzen, Technical Consultant

    Dr.Sebastian Bitzen graduated from RWTH Aachen University.He is leading software developer of XGraphic GmbH. He got
    a lot of programming experience in C++ and Java and specialized in software architecture.

  • Thomas D’ Alonzo, Legal Consultant

    Thomas D ‘Alonzo is currently director of BioDelivery Sciences International and sALIX Pharmaceuticals. He has a wealth
    of experience including serving as CEO of MiMedx Group, DARA BioSciences, Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD),
    GENVEC, and Glaxo (GSK Telegraph).

  • Dean Xu, Community Operations and Management

    Dean Xu is currently vice-chairman of Chinese Culture and Economic Exchange and Development Association and is operating
    cross-straits exchanges tourism business. He has served as a manager at ZHONGANBAOQUAN. He is in charge of community
    operation and management of BitQT.